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Coatings and coating systems

PCE Instruments
PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of test devices, control systems, lab equipment and scales and balances with headquarters in Germany and several offices around the world, e. g. in the UK and US. One of the product types offered is gloss meters or gloss testers which can be used to measure the characteristics of paints, coatings and surfaces.

MCU-Coatings [Belgium]
MCU-Coatings is a world wide leading manufacturer of moisture cure urethane marine and protective corrosion protection coatings and paints. The coatings typically outperform traditional 2 component epoxy and polyurethane coatings and paints.

MCH Nano Solutions [Canada]
Hygienic Coatings. Our hygienic coatings are formulated to incorporate light activated Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which assist in deactivation of biocontamination.

A A Engineering
Metal Finishing and Environmental Applications. Custom solutions available.

A-Flame Corporation
A-Flame Manufactures Arc Spray, Thermal Spray, Plasma Spray, Flamel Spray, HVOF, and Detonation Coating Systems, including Wire Alloys, Powder Alloys, Masking Tape, Robots, Filtration Systems, Acoustic Rooms, Safety Equipment, Torches, Spray Guns, Robots.

Abrisa is a glass, tubing and coatings manufacturer of technical industrial glass. Coatings include anti reflective, non glare, glass wafer, first and front surface mirror, hot and cold mirror, dichroic and conductive ITO coatings

Academy Precision Materials
Academy Precision Materials - Sputtering Targets - Platinum, Gold, Silver

AccuCoat Inc.
AccuCoat Inc. is a Rochester, NY based company.

Acktar Ltd
Anode and cathode foils for aluminum electronic capacitors, infrared & visible optics, focal plane array, thermography and thermal control

Ad-Chem Limited
Ad-Chem Limited provide chemicals for the paint industry. Offering contract manufacturing, blending, mixing, colouring of chemicals to both the uk and European to worldwide markets.

Adiabatic S.A.
Adiabatic - Argentina Manufacturer Paint Equipment - Turbo Spray Paint Equipment-HVLP System

Advanced International Technology., LLC
AIT provides thin film fabrication services: deposition, sputtering, evaporation, photolithography. Back end wafer processing: dicing, ion milling, micro-machining & assembly. Biotechnology in Mems and Nanotechnology applications.

Aervoe-Pacific Company, Inc.
Aervoe-Pacific Company is a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, inverted marking and striping paints, MRO chemicals, and recycling equipment for industrial use.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Low-odor paints and adhesives . . . formaldehyde-free personal hygiene products . . . faster high-speed packaging and label converting . . . stronger, brighter paper . . . all made possible by unique polymer emulsion technology from Air Products Polymers.

Alacritas Consulting
Alacritas Consultancy Ltd. offer thin film expertise for Training, Troubleshooting, and process improvement. We also act as UK agents for sputter power supplies, quartz crystal rate monitors and residual gas analyzers.

Alchemetal Corporation
Alchemetal patented a conductive, electroplatable, and solderable polymer coating for metals and plastics used in fuel cells, conductive ink, and electronics.

Allied PhotoChemical
Allied PhotoChemical is the world’s leading formulator and producer of UV – Ultraviolet Light-curable inks, coatings and paints.

Amchem Products Pvt Ltd
Amchem is a leading manufacturer of high performance 100% Solids (solvent less) Polyurethane Coatings trademarked Purethane? These provide exceptional long term protection where severe corrosive environments, abrasion or impact problems exist.

American Computer Optics
ACO Optical Coatings: manufacturer of thin film optical coatings, specializing in flat panel coated glass for display protection, anti-reflection, U/V, I/R, split beam and touch screens.

Ameron International
Ameron International Performance Coatings and Finishes Group

Andover Corporation
Order optical filters online directly from the manufacturer. ISO 9001 registered. Online catalog contains a wealth of technical info and over 1000 products, including bandpass filters, dichroic filters, beamsplitters, edge filters, calibration filters, etc

Angstrom Sciences, Inc.
Angstrom Sciences, Inc. world leader in magnetron sputtering technology, sputtering systems.

APS International
APS international develops, designs and applies high-tech surface coating. The world leader in self-lubricated coatings, the leading French manufacturer of high tech industrial coatings

APV Engineered Coatings
None Available

Arihant Chemicals Resins (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Arihant Chemicals : Resins, Raw Materials For Surface Coating Industries / Printing Inks & Paints Industries...

Autek Spray Booths of Florida
T K Autek, INC - Autek / Zhongda / Zhondga Automotive Spray Booths

Autoquip Inc.
Automated Paint Finishing Integrator's specializing in the design, engineering and installation of Liquid Paint Finishing Systems, VOC software systems, sub-systems and other robotic applications.

Barbee Paint and Coatings Company, Inc.
Home Page for Barbee Paint & Coatings Company

Bates Finishing Supply Inc.
Paint Finishing Systems and Supplies. Bates Finishing Supply, Inc. is the largest certified paint finishing systems supplier and systems integrator in New England.

Bayview Optics
Suppliers of thin film coatings and patterns for Science, military, medical , and research. We make photomasks for the microelectronics industry. we supply optical parts for microscopes and optical instruments.

Becker Industries
BECKER INDUSTRIE, spécialiste des peintures industrielles liquides, est l'un des leaders sur les marchés du Coil Coating (prélaquage) et du Special Coatings (post laquage).

Bedford Precision Parts Corp.
Supplier of repair parts and components for all major paint spray equipment manufacturers: Graco, Binks, Titan, Speeflo, Wagner, Amspray, DeVilbiss, Airlessco, HERO, ASM, Sharpe, Larius, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden

Bowker Machinery
UK Powder Coating. powder coating plant, equipment and machinery. second hand and new plant, powder coating equipment and free advice

BryCoat Inc
BryCoat precision Titanium Nitride thin film coating service provides advanced PVD vacuum deposited hard coatings for medical devices, aerospace components, molds and dies, automotive, marine, industrial tooling, food processing and other precision applications.

Brysen Optical Corporation
Brysen Optical is a designer and manufacturer of full spectrum (UV through IR) optical components, Solderable Edge Metalization, Reticles, Electro-Optical Assemblies

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.
Buckman Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals forwater treatment, pulp & paper, and leather industries.

This site contains information on color and appearance measurement and physical properties testing. BYK-Gardner has been a leader in the design and manufacture of quality and control instruments and products since 1924.

CAM s.r.l.
C.A.M. s.r.l. - Cabine applicazione polveri, Powder spray-booths, Cabinesde poudrage.

Captain Tolley's
Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure is a unique water based sealant, formulated to penetrate fine cracks. It uses capillary action to set to a clear, flexible and waterproof seal, and finds and fixes leaks without any dismantling.

Charles Bishop Consulting
vacuum deposition of thin film coatings onto webs, films or foils by evaporation, electron beam evaporation, sputering, chemical vapour deposition, magnetron sputtering, or other coating techniques.

Charvo Industries Group
Charvo Finishing and Krautzberger Spray Equipment - suppliers of anti-glare and anti-relective coatings and spray equipment

Chaudhary Chemitreat Engineers
Contracts for complete range of Acid Proof Lining, acid proof bricks, Flooring and epoxy, indiacoating Systems

Chemco International
Chemco manufacture an extensive range of products which are designed to meet every corrosion and containment challenge. We offer unlimited technical support including free site survey, estimation, inspection and application assistance.

Chemicoat Inc.
Anti-Condensation Paints and Coatings Manufactured to Military Specifications, Anti-Sweat Coatings and Paints manufactured to Military Specification

Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Ciba Specialty Chemicals is a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value effects for its customers’ products. We create effects that improve the quality of life – adding performance, protection, color and strength to textiles

Cilas Marseille
Cilas Marseille - The expert in optical coating technology

Coastline Industrial Coatings
Coastline Industrial Coatings Inc. has been manufacturing and custom designing formulas for the industrial and petrochemical industries since 1972.

Coatec India
This site gives a brief description of Electrocoat technology, process and equipment.

Coating Control Inc.
Coating Control, Inc. designs, engineers & manufactures continuous hot dip galvanizing and metal coating lines. Including but not limited to strip, tube & wire shapes made of steel, copper & brass.

Conformal Coating Information and Resource Center
Advanced Coating the Parylene Specialists. Parylene coating services for all applications. Medical Parylene, Military Parylene and Commercial Parylene.Conformal Coating experts. MIL-I-46058C, type XY; ANSI/IPC-A-610B; ANSI/IPC-CC-830; ISO 9002.

Corro Therm Inc.
Ameron, Carboline, Pratt & Lambert, Rust-oleum - Corro Therm Inc. & Corro Therm Protective Coatings, Inc.

Corroserv (M) Sdn.Bhd.
We are providing anti corrosion epoxy coatings, uv cured fiberglass and impregnated prepregs that can be applied under water and above water.

Cougar Labs, Inc.
Cougar Labs, Inc. - Manufacturer of thin film processing tools for semiconductor, MEMS and optoelectronics industries.

CoverCat Spray Systems
CoverCat : Paint spray coating equipment and systems for industrial applications

Custom Finishes, Inc.
Custom Finishes, Inc. provides custom matched aerosol spray paint, touch-up paint, custom spray paint on any color.

Cytec Surface Specialties
Global supplier of eco-friendly UV, liquid, powder and high-solids coating resins, additives and adhesives for improving surface properties of wood, metal, glass, concrete and paper.

Dalian Onichem Specialities Co., Ltd.
A leading supplier of Organo-functional Silanes, Glyoxal 40%, etc. in China

Delta T. Control Coatings
Ceramic insulation coatings form a revolutionary insulation and protective radiant barrier for metal roofs, tanks, wood cement, plexiglass, and food processing applications.

Denton Vacuum
Makes vacuum deposition systems for use in electron microscopy, precision optics, research, production & ophthalmic applications. Supplies coated optics & vacuum deposition for customers' substrates.

Design-X Paint Lines
Design-X Paint Lines is an advanced and leading company in the engineering industry whichprovides the management, design, manufacturing and construction of manual and automated industrial paint finishing and related systems.

Diamond Vogel Paints
Peridium Industrial Powder Coatings are available in TGIC polyester, urethane, hybrid and epoxy formulas for industrial and OEM applications.

Double D Equipment Co. Inc.
Complete source for Automatic, Manual Powder Coating Equipment, Powder Booths, Gun Movers, Powder Tanks & Sieves, Infrared and Gas Ovens, Inline & Small Parts Washers, Conveyors and Finishing System Industrial Controls.

Dow Corning Corporation
Silicone resins and paint and ink additives from Dow Corning provide improved performance and weathering, and heat resistance for the silicone coatings industry.

Dubois Equipment Company Inc
Dubois Equipment Company, Inc, Jasper, Indiana, U.S.A. Top quality coating, printing, curing, scuffing and material handling equipment for the woodworking, metal working, and manufacturing industries.

DuPont Protective Coatings
Permatex Protective Coatings - Korrosions- und Bautenschutz weltweit: Saeurebau, Beton-Beschichtungen, Stahlwasserbau, Korrosionsschutz, Brandschutz

DuPont Titanium Technologies
DuPont Titanium Technologies MANUFACTURES rutile chloride dry and slurry TiO2 CHEMICAL WHITE PIGMENTs for paper, plastics, coatings, inks and specialty products.

Eagle Spray Booths Inc
Sacramento, CA custom spray booth manufacturer for auto, truck, industrial and custom applications specializing in paint booth, paint booths, spray booth, spray booths, automotive spray booth, automotive paint booth, spraybooth, or any application.

Eclipse Systems
Eclipse Commercial & Industrial Mixers Div of Technology General Corp, NJ - Home

Efttom-ion Ltd
Ion Nitriding Products and Equipment to suit Your tomorrow's needs for Ion Nitriding Solutions.

Electrostatic Coating Technologies Corporation
Electrostatic Coating Technolgies Corporation is an OEM designer and manufacturer of electrostatic oilers specializing in equipment for the cold finishing operations of steel and aluminum flat roll producers and processors.

Elpaco Coatings Corp.
Elpaco's Innovative, High Performance Coatings for wood, marine, & steel substrates with over 50 years experience and quality. We can provide custom made paints, primers, waterborne coatings, baking enamels, varnishes, marine coatings etc.

Emailchim JSC
Anticorrosive protecting system, isolation coatings formetal and concrete surfaces

EnChem Corporation
A Superior Line Of Metal Preparatory And Waste Treatment Chemicals For Spray Booth Operations.

Masking Solutions caps plugs and stoppers to hanging masking solutions and racking systems we have a product to meet all of our customers finishing needs. Molded, Extruded, Hooks

Fabricating Technology Inc.
Fabricating Technology, Inc. of Erie, PA offers electroforming and fabricating for special productive painting needs.

Ferro Industrial Products
Ferro Industrial Products is a local manufacturer and supplier of a specialised range of colours and coatings. The product range includes thermo-setting powder coatings, plastic masterbatch, ceramic glazes, porcelain enamels, mould fluxes for the steel in

Finishing Machine Inc.
Finishing Machine Inc. engineers, designs, manufactures and installs industrial washers, powder coating systems, autophoretic systems, painting systems, finishing machines, E-Coat systems as well as related components and parts.

Finishing Resources
New and Used Powder Coating Equipment

FinishMaster, Inc.
Finish Master: Automotive & Industrial Paint

Fischer Industrial Finishing Systems
Industrial finishing products distribution, including powder coating equipment, cleaning systems,electrostatic coating systems, curing booths and much more by Fischer Industrial.

Flexart Inks Paints Coatings Inc
Dyne test pens, vinyl flooring topcoat and paint, inflatable paint and more. We provide water base high-performance coating for graphic arts, wood staining, flooring, truck bed liners and much more!

Fluid Transfer Systems, Inc
automotive and industrial paint finishing systems. plural component systems, spray booths. Complete turn-key systems. Distributor for Graco, Kremlin, Binks, Sames, ITW, Sata, AW Meter and Devilbiss.

Fusion UV Systems Inc.
Fusion UV Systems, Inc. Provides UV curing equipment and solutions for curing a wide variety of inks, adhesives and coatings onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper. Our UV equipment can cure both flat parts and three dimensional parts

Futura Coatings, Inc.
Futura Coatings - The Proven Leader

Futurrex, Inc.
We specialize in developing top quality resists, thick resists, photoresists, spin-on glass, planarazinig, coatings, resists, positive, resists, negative, photoresist, etching.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation
Gaertner manufactures precision optical measuring instruments covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Galvoptics Ltd.
Galvoptics Ltd. Scientific and industrial optical components. lenses,mirrors, filters, prisms etc

Grey Campling Ltd
Gray Campling is the sole UK importer of the Speeflo and Titan range of airless spray guns

H. L. Clausing Inc
High Quality Mirrors & Optical Coatings on substrates up to 92 inches in diameter. We specialize in custom optical coatings on large substrates. We cater to industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.

Hall Equipment Company
Hall Equipment Company,Sales, Parts, and Service for Painting and Blasting Equipment including A-BecCampbell Hausfeld, Devilbiss, Graco, Honda Engines, Spraytech, and Wagner.

Hepco Ltd
Heated towel rails and electric towel warmers, heated towel rail,manufactured to the highest specification to ensure conformity to all relevant British and European standards.

Hi-Tech Flexible Products Inc.
Reusable high temperature custom silicone rubber paint masking

High Performance Coatings, Inc.
Protective header coatings, thermal barrier coatings, exhaust coatings, cermet coatings, ceramic metallic coatings solid dry film lubricants, powder coating

High Purity Alloys
ACI Alloys, Inc. Our sputtering targets, evaporation material, e-beam sources, and R&D materials are arc-melted or hot-pressed from pure elements.

Highlander Trading Corporation
We are distributors and manufacturers representatives offering Raw materials, Production Machinery and Retail Systems for the paint and coating Industry. We also sell chemicals for the Inks, plastics, andrubber industries.

ICI Paint Export USA
We export paints, coatings and adhesives worldwide including the best brand names: Glidden, Devoe, Devoe Coatings, Fuller O'Brien, Macco and Zynolyte.

Image 2000
Image 2000 Industrial Coatings: Epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and others

Industrial Environmental Coatings Corp
Enviroline Group manufactures technologically advanced coatings and linings for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, military, rail, food and beverage, water and wastewater, power generation, pulp and paper.

Industrial Materials and Services, Inc
IMS, Inc. Industrial Materials and Services, Inc is your resource of plant maintenance specialties including automation controls, valves, pneumatics, chain lubricants epoxy floor coatings. industrial lubricant, pneumatic valve, specialty valve.

Infrared Multilayer Laboratory
The Infrared Multilayer Laboratory specialise in the development and manufacture of infrared optical filters and coatings to meet the complex and rigorous demands imposed in space-flight atmospheric sensing instrumentation.

Integrated Drive Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial automation, motion control system solutions & software offered under one roof. We are specialized in special purpose, paint and powder coating machines, multi-axis manipulators, NDT & Remote handling systems. Also offer assistance for import, s

International Micro Photonix, Inc.
Specializing in developing micro optics and fiber coatings.

International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC)
IPPIC was established to ensure that the industry, incoordinating the development of industry policy on international issues, fully discussedand analyzed the global implications.

Intevac, Inc.
hard disk drives,hard disk drive media manufacturing,media,sputtering,200 Lean,MDP-250B,D-Star,Lube Coating System,electro-optical sensors,cameras, infrared,low light situations,LIVAR,Nightvista

Iridian Spectral Technologies
Iridian Spectral Technologies: optical filters, Raman notch filters and dielectric thin film coatings, both standard and custom

Kamis Incorporated
Kamis Inc. is a manufacturer of sputtering targets and evaporation material for the thin filmcoating industry. Kamis stocks a large variety of crucibles, evaporation boats, pure metals.

Kempen Paint Co.
Kempen Paint offers a full array of major coating type products.

Thin layer coating, optical coating, metallic coating and advanced coating systems by Kerdry on fiber optic, optical lens and optical crystal

King Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the Industrial Lubricant, Rust Prevention and Metalworking Industries, and the Paint and Coatings Industry.

Koral Labs, Inc.
Thin film sputtering and evaporation, vacuum heat treating and brazing, sputter deposition of thin films

L Optical Services
Welcome to L&L Optical Services, your source for metallic coatings of all kinds

Lea-der Coatings
lea-der coatings manufacturer and supplier of traction enhancement products

Leonard Brooks Paints
Suppliers of paints, aerosols, and special coatings for cars and commercial vehicles. Car paint, Industrial and engineering paint and refinishing systems in Uk.

LEX-AIRE HVLP Equipment - HVLP Spray guns, HVLP Turbine systems, HVLP Automatic Spray guns. Most innovative HVLP manufacturer with many patents.The Leading Edge of HVLP Technology

Litmus Chemical Co., Ltd.
Innovative Manufacturer of Powder Coatings-Litmus Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Mace Company
Mace Company designs and manufactures high quality polyurethane coatings and adhesives. We also make a prepolymer for hydrophilic foam

Microsharp Corporation Limited
Microsharp Corporation Limited is a highly innovative dynamic company developing light manipulation solutions for its clients, mainly in the displays industry. Its polymer films enable redirection of light for improved viewing and novel optical designs.

Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.
Supplier of production finishes for metals and plastics, providing the golf, snowmobile, atv, watercraft, motorcycle, agricultural, marine and military industries with 2-component, powder, waterborne, solvent base, anti-fouling paints and coatings.

Midwest Thermal Spray
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Millennium Chemicals
The paint and coatings industry page. The following product types serve the paint and coatings industry.

Milwaukee Paint Inc.
Milwaukee Paint is an automotive paint and industrial paint distributor and manufacturer.MATCH-IT is a specific brand/service specializing in exact paint matches for touchup on a wide variety of applications. Available in aerosols or paint pens.

Your one stop source for superior front surface optical quality mirror and mirror products

Mitchanol International, Ltd
An international resin manufacturer with over 50 years experience of supplying resins to the ink and surface coatings industries

Mitsuba Systems
Mitsuba Systems - Complete Solutions For Powder Coating

Modean Industries
Modean Industries consults, designs, installs and activates production finishing systems ranging from powder and liquid coatings, to infrared (IR) and 100% solid ultraviolet (UV) cured coatings.

Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc.
Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc. is a leading Canadian industrial paints and coatings manufacturer. We develop products that work and are environment friendly.

Normac Adhesives Products, Inc.
Feature polyurethane protective coatings for effective abrasion and corrosion control coating systems. Industrial adhesives for adhesive bonding of substrates.

Nova Verta USA
Nova Verta USA - Nova Verta is the leading supplier of downdraft spray booth technology worldwide and offers a full line of quality products designed to increase the productivity of your paint shop.

High-performance thin-film components by Optical Coatings Japan

Optical Coating Corporation
Optical Coating Corporation (OCC) develops and manufactures a variety of thin film optical coatings and components for the UV/VIS/IR wavelength ranges.

Optical Filters Ltd
Optical filters Ltd, world leaders in the design and manufacture of emi-shielded and contrast enhancement windows

Opticorp Inc.
Opticorp Inc. - conventional and ion-assisted optical coatings, manufacturing, production, design engineering for precision optics, telecommunications, and OEM manufacturers, universities, and research laboratories

Optimum Air Corporation
Equipment manufacturer of Rapid Dry air dehumidification system and Dri-Cure systems for paint filtering and drying waterborne coatings in paint drying systems, drying ovens, and paint spray booths.

Orion Paints Ltd.
orion paint for both the manufactured and retail paint market

P Consulting Limited
P&T Consulting Ltd is a provider of Consultancy and Sales Representation services to the European optics, opto-electronics and optical thin film markets

Pacific Southwest Supply
PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, Ameron Performance Coatings, Dudick and Precision coatings for corrosion resistance, chemical containment, food process flooring and architectural finishes

Paint Test Equipment
Paint Test Equipment are manufacturers of a comprehensive range of specialist instruments for the Industrial Coatings and Finishing Industries and have been supplying instruments to customers world wide for over 20 years.

Paints Plus
Paints Plus is your one source for paint, tools, refinishing supplies and automotive parts. Shop with us and save.

Pearl Paints North America, Inc.,
Manufacturing paints and coating for Industrial and specialty OEM applications.

PED Technologies
Thermal Solutions Company, Infrared ovens, fast response medium and short wave electric infrared emitters and custom built ovens

POR-15 Inc.
This is the POR-15 Inc. Home Page for corrosion and rust control solutions. Here you will be able find automotive, industrial, marine, and household products created to restore metal and concrete surfaces and keep them preserved for many years to come.

Porcelain Industries Inc.
Clearly, porcelain improves the performance, extends the usefulness, and enhances the appearance of cast iron and steel products and component parts.

Powchem Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of powder coating or powder coatings in republic of Korea

Powder-X Coating Systems Inc.
Top supplier of powder coating systems and equipment including ovens, spray booths, guns, used equipment and more.

PPG Automotive Coatings
PPG Auto Coatings - Industry OEM leader in automotive coatings. Automotive electrodeposition primer, topcoat and clearcoat auto coatings

PPG Industries
PPG Automotive Refinish provides complete information on paint systems used in the repair and refinishing of automotive vehicles as well as a locator for choosing a quality autobody repair shop.

Precis Design
Precis Design is an advanced thin film coating company based on the proprietary, breakthrough technology of Dual Rotary Magnetron Coating. This technology offers superior performance and value for many industries that require specialized, custom coatings

Precision Conveyor Technologies
Precision Conveyor Technologies (PCT), a leading manufacturer of liquid and powder coating finishing systems specializing in chain-on-edge spindle and flat line conveyor processes with complete turnkey system responsibilities

Premchem Products.
Manufacturers and suppliers of auto and industrial paint products including ancillary products used by the auto body repair industry

Progressive Epoxy Polymers
The Internet's (and probably America's) most diverse, unbiased, largest source for multi-vendor coating solutions involving epoxies, epoxy resins, and related products. WE POST PRICES! Order online or email with your order or questions.

Quality Thin Films Inc.
Thin Film Coating is a specialty that is designed and manufactured by Quality Thin Films. We also specialize in the manufacture and supply of precision optical components, high power laser mirrors, and laser crystals.

R D Coatings
UV Coatings and EB Coatings for wood, plastics and metal.

Randolph Products Co.
Randolph Products has been an industry leader and provider of the best aircraft/aerospace, mil-spec, and industrial coatings for than 70 years.

Raypaul Industries Inc.
RayPaul offers design, construction, installation & service of all types of equipment including batch ovens, washers, freezers, duct systems, paint booths and turnkey industrial finishing equipment.

RD Specialties Inc
R.D. Specialties has continued to improve processes to provide the highest quality converting equipment in the industry. RDS coating and metering rods can be used in a multitude of applications for paper, paperboard, plastic film, metal foils and more.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd
Rhino Linings Australasia is the Australasian headquarters of Rhino Linings USA Inc, the undisputed World leader in sprayed-on polyurethane linings for Automotive and commercial applications.

Rob Scott Enterprises Inc.
Rob Scott Enterprises Inc. provides high-quality paints and custom finishes including Plasti-Kote, KRYLON, Fleckstone, ODDS N' ENDS, CRACKLIN' & more!

Royal Coating Corporation
Royal Coating, Inc. a division of Royal Chemical, Inc. manufacturers of high performance epoxy coating and cleaning solvents for application on dry, wet or submerged surfaces for ships, barges, offshore equipment, marine vessels and equipment

S R(Handaq) Ltd
Manufacture wide range of paints varnishes lacquers enamels and thinners for wood metal and plastic finishes, for industrial and general use

Sames Technologies
design, manufacture and distribution of electrostatic paint and coating equipment and systems for cars and industry: manual paint guns, automatic atomizers, corona or tribo powder projectors, bells, robots, booths, paint machines, dust-removal

SEI Chemical
SEI Chemical is a global leader in Mold and Mildew removal and protection, Corrosion removal and protection and Graffiti removal and protection. SEI is also a leading edge innovator in the fields of Coating Additives, Resins and Coupling Agents

Sharpe Manufacturing Company
Sharpe, the spray gun people. Paint spraying equipment since 1921.

Shercon Inc.
Manufacturing and design of high temperature precision masking solutions and hanging solutions for the powder coating, finishing and electronics industries. Design, development and manufacturing of high performance custom molded oem rubber products.

Silberline Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Silberline is a world leader and global supplier of high-quality special effect pigments, powder coatings and metallic pigments that dramatically enhance the visual appeal of coatings, paints, inks, plastics and textiles.

Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation
sound specialty coatings corporation manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of epoxies, paint, and coatings products that are environment safe.

Southern Clay Products
Southern Clay Products, a subsidiary of Rockwood Specialties, Inc. produces and markets an extensive range of natural and synthetic additives that can be used in both water-based and solvent-based formulations.

Southern Fluid Systems Inc.
Providers of Fluid and Air Handling Equipment

Manufacturer of optical filters, coatings and laser diode filters.Hard oxide sputtered and ion-beam assisted filters. ISO-9002 certified since 1993.

Spectrums Coatings
Spectrum Coatings are independent lens coating specialists for the UK. Experts in hard (scratchproof) coating, anti-reflective coating and tinting.

Spray Systems Inc
Paint booth & Spray Paint Booth design and powder coating solutions for Industrial, truck, automotive spray paint booths, furniture spray booths and more. Call us for more information on paint booths and spray paint booths today.

Spray Tech Systems Inc.
SprayTechSys offers electrostatic painting and powder coating system equipment including graco fusion gun, fiberglass chopper gun, airless paint sprayers, graco sprayer, polyurea, powder coating oven and more.

Sputtek Inc.
Sputtek supplies thin film hard coatings and deposition systems, providing higher wear and corrosion resistance.

Engineering Applications are the manufacturers of the STATICOTE electrostatic powder coating unit which has been a brand name for over 20 years in South Africa.

Steelcote Manufacturing Company
Steelcote Mfg. Co. is an industrial coatings manufacturer. Product lines include coatings for floors, secondary containment, concrete, metals, fiberglass, and wood. Steelcote offers acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, and other types of coatings.

Strand Manufacturing Company
Manufacturer of Chill-Rolls, Kibblers, Grinders, and Nip-Rolls for the powder paint and toner industries.

SurModics, Inc.
SurModics is the leading provider of surface modification solutions for medical device and biomedical applications

Tallmans Ag
Barn paints, tractor and industrial enamels, EZ-Slide graphite paint, and camouflage paints from Tallmans Ag Specialty

Target Materials
SCI Engineered Materials offers thin film deposition materials; evaporation materials, sputtering targets, backing plates, bonding services, single crystal substrates, superconductive materials, and ceramic powders.

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Sherwin-Williams: Paint, Coatings and Color Experts for Industrial and Residential Professionals.

Thin Film Lab
Thin Film Lab manufactures optical coatings Ultra-Violet to Infrared. Broadband Anti-reflection Coatings, Beam Splitter Coatings, Dielectric High Power Laser Mirrors, Fiber Optic Coatings

TKC Consulting
25 years experience backs an extrodinarily complete line of thin film materials and equipment. TCK provides all types of sputtering and evaporation equipment and supplies.

Ultra Optics
Ultra Optics Company (UOC) manufactures and sells the machinery and coating chemistry needed to place a scratch resistant coating onto the surface of a plastic lens.

United States Legends
Manufacturer of industrial spray systems for adhesives, paint and waterproofing material, traffic marking systems and pavement stencils.

Uvitron International Inc.
High Performance & Cost Effective UV curing systems and accessories.

Valimet Inc.
Manufacturer of spherical aluminum powder for the automotive and aerospace industries as well as various military and industrial applications

Valley Design Corp.
Fused silica and quartz wafers, substrates and windows for optics, MEMS and SOI polished to as good as 10/5 surface finish.

VR Coatings
spray painting equipment manufacturer Airless guns machines ISO 9001 for liquid and semisolid high pressure transfer pumps for dispensing and spraying heavy medium duty guns for surface coating

Walgren Co.
Walgren Company is a turn key system manufacturer: anodizing equipment, hoists, barrel plating equipment lines, electroplating equipment, and powder coating systems for world class companies!

Wavefront Technology Inc.
Offering proprietary and patented microreplication process technologies, custom manufacturing services for producing microstructured optical film with custom geometries for light management, diffraction and security applications.

Wearlon : Wearlon Anti-Graffiti, Wearlon Non-Stick, Wearlon Foul-Release,Wearlon Mold Release, Wearlon Marine & Wearlon Friction Reducing Coatings.Wearlon is a waterbased, environmentally friendly, low VOC, abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant

X-Rite, Incorporated
All over the world, companies rely on X-Rite to serve as their color partner. Our hardware, software, and support provide customer-specific solutions that ensure color accuracy and data communication when color output is critical to business.

ZC Coatings
ZC&R Coatings for Optics, Inc. offers a wide range of optical coating services, including anti-reflection coatings, filters, and laser mirrors.

Zebron Corp.
Zebron Corporation - The Original Proven 100% Solids Polyurethane


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