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Food and beverages
We are commodity traders, marketplace of all kind of goods, B2B Spanish marketplace. We help to find customer needs in Spanish marketplace

Lakonia imports
The finest Greek extra virgin olive oil First Cold pressed at 28C. PGI certified with acidity level just above 0.2% (0.26%) One of the finest worldwide

Nanking Saffron Farmers Cooperative 
Saffron, also called shafran, zafran, azafran, zafferano, NanKing Saffron Farmers Cooperative plant and wholesale good quality Chinese saffron, have good quality saffron crocus stativus bulbs and dried saffron spices for sale, you can buy herbs & spices online from NanKing Saffron at reasonable cheap price.

Promocompo Lda - Portugal - [Food]
We are a Portuguese company located in north of Portugal.Our activities are the food and textiles businesses.

Pan Tarim Europe - UK - [Food]
Suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, both organic and conventional. We have our own production base, including a brand new pack house, in Turkey. We offer citrus, stone fruit, melons, grapes from Turkey and other regions where we have associate producers all prepared and packed under the Pan Tarim brand. We also specialise in the supply of fresh mushrooms from our packing centre in Poland. All product backed by Global Gap certification.

Sifa Olive Oils Co - Turkey - [food]
The firm keeping on its productivity till now was founded under the name of SIFA OLIVE OIL C. O. L. T. D in the begining of 2001. The plant is established at the center of hunderd of thousands of olive trees around it, with its 1650 m2 of enclosed and 6000 m2 of open area in Altinozu of HATAY province of Turkey and we made up principle to provide you valued consumer with superior quality of products. The Oils obtained from Oil picker along the year is analysed 2 times, firstly in our own Laboratuary and than Trade Bourse Laboratuary. Subsequently oils is taken into our factory for processing, packaging and at last, it is presented to market as brands of SIFANUR and GOLD DROP Aimed to expand the market share in both domestic and foreign, our company already has CARREFOUR (Mediterranean and Southeast regions) and YIMPAS Market Chains of which they are National Markets in Turkey.

TeaTech, Inc. - USA - [Food]
TeaTech? Inc., a Nevada Corporation wholly owned by Xel Herbaceuticals? Inc., specializes in the development and marketing of unique green tea products based on TeaTech's proprietary green tea extracts. The Company has a patented green tea extraction method and several issued/patent pending patents for green tea dosage forms and new applications. TeaTech's unique fresh green tea extract is the basis for its popular product line of instant green tea beverage mixes, and other functional and dietary supplement products. Their entire lines of instant green teas provide consumers novel brand identities.

General Candy Co., Ltd. - Thailand - [confectionery]
General Candy Co., Ltd (GC) is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Thailand. We specialize in producing licorice fruit candy, fruit leather, hard-boiled/deposited candy, chewing/bubble gum, and lollipop. GC has been engaging in exporting its products sine 1983. We export to more than 40 countries and our main export markets are N.America, Australia, S.Africa, Japan, Middle East, and etc. We are now looking for importer/distributor/broker who is concentrating in distributing to wholesalers and supermarkets. Anyone who is interested in introducing our products in his or her area, please contact for more information.

Arabian Royal - UAE - [food]
A new generation of beverage has arrived - ARABIAN ROYALIt is a unique combination of three different types of drink in a single blend.By combining a luxury softdrink with a top-quality energy drink and then enriching if further through the addition of differnet vitamins, we have created a high effective beverage brimming with vitality and wellbeing. The total experience of this luxury drink with its exclusive taste and unique ingredients is well summed up in the name: ARABIAN ROYAL the wellness-powerdrink.

Our facilities are ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP certified. Our products are Kosher and Halal certified. Some of our key customers include Conagra foods USA, Spicetec USA, Naturex France , Mccormick USA Singapore , China and Thailand. We produce Ground Chilies and Crushed Chilies to meet buyer specifications for schoville heat as well as granulation. We also manufacture Turmeric powder & ginger powders. We also manufacture paprika oleoresins and capsicum oleoresins ranging from 20000 cu 140000 cu, capsicum oleoresin from 3.3 % capsaicin to 40 % capsaicin.We also manufacture Pure Capsaicin 95%. You can rest assured of correct prices , the quality, safety and reliability of our products

Perceptive Management Corporation has been specializing in wooden door & window frame for more than 5 years. Coconut, coffee and Crude oil are as well our part of main product. We are able to supply more than 30 thousand numbers of fresh coconut per month. Coffee and furniture factory cover with approximately 10 acre of area are able to achive huge production. We endeavor to continuously ensure high quality products and total customer satisfaction at competitive prices. Appropriately, our products have gained a strong reputation for reliability and elegance among our customers. We consistently focus on our quality management and satisfied service. We have strong design and production capability per buyers requirements. Therefore, we warmly welcome all perspective companies from home and abroad to cooperate with us. We look forward to having the opportunity of exceeding your expectations.

Daesang Europe BV - Netherlands - [food]
We, Daesang Europe B.V. located in Holland, are a European sales office of Daesang Corp, one of the leading South Korean food manufacturers having its manufacturing facilities in South Korea. Based on our technology of fermentation with more than 50 years of experience, we manufacture the following products in Korea. 1. Aspartame (Powder/Granular) 2. Flavor Enhancer 1) I+G (Indonesian origin from a new plant) 2) MSG (Indonesian origin - low availability) 3. L-Amino acids

Emco Ltd - Czech Republic - [food]
EMCO Ltd is one of the most important producers and distributors of high-quality food products in the Czech Republic such as müsli, oat meals, cereal flakes mixtures, müsli biscuits, etc - products that represent the healthy lifestyle trend. In this category Emco holds 45% share in the Czech and Slovak market. Emco is strongly marketing oriented company bringing innovations that are based on the experience of being the biggest oat flakes processor in the Central Europe. The latest example is the launch of Organic assortment under the Bio brand.
The quality of Emco products is already recognised by customers and consumers in 35 countries worldwide and the demand is steadily growing. Our goal is to achieve long term relationship with our partners and together build strong position of Emco brand. At the same time, based on good experience with private label products, Emco can offer a wide assortment of private label packaging and flavours.

Landa Conserven - Netherlands - [food]
We are suppliers of Cockles, Clams a.s.o. Products can be delivered frozen and in tins (different sizes). You can contact us for more information.

Chocolography Business Opportunity.
Chocolography is the only technology in the world that can easily produce thousands of custom confectionary pieces with EDIBLE IMAGES per day. With small effort every piece regardless of its size and shape can be customized. The absolutely unique and new industry of personalized confectionary products represents an excellent opportunity for success. Currently, Chocolography has more than 130 licensees and has been successfully introduced in 32 countries while license might still be available for your area of interest. There is absolutely no need in any intermediary including transfer sheets, edible paper etc. You print directly onto any product and cost of ink per mage is as little as $.0005 per 1 cm? $1 worth of ink will cover 2000 cm?of any food product. All Chocolography products are FDA approved and Kosher certified. We invite you to discover the unique financial opportunity associated with owning a Chocolography™ Food Imaging System. Because we're NOT a franchise, we help you run your own exciting business "your way". Your business may be ran in a store front, office or as a home-based business. When you carefully read our site, you'll understand why Chocolography™ is one of the best, and certainly the most fun and unique financial opportunity in the world. If you are creative, energetic and ready to be your own boss, you'll love being part of the Chocolography™ family.

Chengdu Kang Quan health product Co.,Ltd. - China - [food]
we are a reputable chinese factory in the field of natural food supplements, manufacture under GMP conditions, strong in R & D, OEM is available, custom-designed service is available too. Exciting Dragon capsule ( herbal viagra ) is our best selling product, developed from mysterious Tibetan formula, extracting potent ingredients from tens of Tibetan herbs, which grows naturally in 4000 meters above sea level Himalayas mountain. the crude extract of these herbs showed some similar reaction to that of male pill: Viagra. they show vasodilatation effect the same as in the Viagra Tablet. it also promote energetic body without any nervous or muscular or cardiac overstimulation. this is the reason why this herbal product can be studied and promoted to be the " herbal viagra".

Davia s.r.l. - Italy - [food]
We have a great pleasure to introduce You our Company. Since 1935, we are a family of growers in Gragnano, near Naples in Italy. Our device ‘Sapore Unico’ means ‘Unique Taste’. Our assortment of products includes;- The Red Line products - made of Italian fresh tomatoes (peeled and chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, pizza sauces, passata etc.) in various formats adapted to your market; - The Yellow Line products - such as typical Italian pasta, semola, couscous, panetone and bakery products, canned vegetables, all kinds of beans, sundried tomatoes in olive oil;  - The Green Line products - such as pesto genovese, a large assortment of olive oils (special packaging for giftshops), sunflower and other oils, mayonnaise, balsamic and regular vinegar, sea salt, jam, honey, milk powder, butter, Parmigiano, Parma ham prosciuto;

Boscovivo - Italy - [food]
Boscovivo is a manufacturing company wich produce food specialties from Tuscany, including fresh truffles, truffle and porcino mushrooms creams and oils. Different kinds of sauces, cheeses, game pat? meat sauce, vinegars, extra virgin olive oil, pasta, jams, honeys. All the products are made with carefully selected raw materials of highest quality without additives or preservatives.

Donev Co [Macedonia]
We are a fresh vegetables trading company from Macedonia, Our business is oriented in Supplying the European Market with fresh vegetables: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pepper, Potatoes, Cabbage etc.

ABRAHAM THOMAS - Malaysia - [food]
we like to introduce ourselves as packers for Palm Oil & Palm Products based in Malaysia. Mac World export facilities supply products ranging from basic ingredients used in food production, to recognized brand names. Mac World exports palm oil & palm products to all continents. Producing and delivering a quality product to our customer more efficiently and economically is Mac World's philosophy and it is for this reason that we have chosen to be present in Malaysia.

Klas oil Ltd. - Bulgaria - [food]
The company "Klas Oil" Ltd. has been a leading one in the food industry for ten years and it has enjoyed a great popularity at the Bulgarian market. The perfect combination of natural resources and contemporary technologies have been incorporated in the production complex "Klas" located right in the heart of "Golden Dobrudja". There is an oil production factory working in the complex and since 13/07/2006 "Klas Oil" Ltd. has been produceing bio-diesel and it has become the first producer in Bulgaria possessing a license for production, sale and export of Bio-diesel with trade mark "Klass Biodiesel". The Bio-diesel offers the world a possibilaty to enjoy all the advantages resulting from the use of powerful sorce of energy, without worrying about the ecological conseqences.

Donev Co. [Macedonia]
Our business is with Vegetables Supply, We Offer to supply High Quallity Vegetables in Europe. Our Main Types of vegetables that we work with are Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cucumber and Peppers. We are looking for partners from europr to do business with. I Appreciate to be able to link to your page soon we will subscribe to a full subscription!

J B Rupa & Co. (Pte) Ltd - Singapore - [Food]
JBR is a premium exporter of fast moving consumer goods Worldwide.Fusing modern management and excellent procurement channels, JBR takes on the challenge of distribution life stlye consumer goods and improving general well being as our mission.We are always seeking new opportunities to further this aim. We represent several European, American and Asian multi national companies.JBR FMCG division handles brand name proucts from major multi nationals. We have a strong marketing team and work closely with principals. We would like to work with you to develop export potentials in your market. You may send us your list of specific requirements and we shall quote best competitive prices. In the meantime we will send you a few offers on a seperate email.

Choice Trading Corporation - India - [Food]
One of the Premier companies in frozen foods and seafoods manufacturing in India. Choice has developed into a major player in this category in the USA and now looks at foraying into other regions with its top quality 'Ready to eat' meals. With a high concern and an efficient system of Quality Control, we can guarantee our products to be among the best. Having been approved by EU and following HACCP and other QA systems we wish to enter all other markets and make TASTEE CHOICE a househols name everywhere.

San Miguel Corporation Philippines - Philippines - [Food]
San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is Southeast Asia's largest publicly listed food, beverage, and packaging company. Founded in 1890 as a brewery, the company has over 120 facilities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, and Australia.

SMC has a very diversified range of product consisting of beer products, juice and juice drinks, canned meat products, dairy products, wines and liquor products, meats (processed and semi-processed), poultry meats, and jelly snacks among others. Aside from being the foremost company for food and beverage in the Philippines, we do have other businesses that focuses on providing clients Private Label and Packaging (bottles, corrugated boxes and cans).

Pallets Mundial Ltda [Brazil]
agency of business international. alcohol, etanol, wheat, soy, oil of soy, coffee, rice, maize, sugar;wood of pinus and eucalipto, among others products.

Greatlink (hongkong) co., limited - China - [food]
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. We produce high quality printing and packaging products for many industries including food services, cosmetics, medical supplies and equipment and electronics. We can produce a wide array of packaging styles implementing a variety of materials such as colored boxes, fancy labels, cosmetic tubes, battery tags, blister packs as well as unique and customized packaging.We are known in China for our high quality packaging and outstanding printing technology and now we would like to expand our reputation globally. We have a great deal of experience with OEM products and we pride ourselves in our ability to understand each customer’s unique needs and deliver results quickly and affordably.

Ravi Floritech PVT Ltd - UK - [Food]
we export sweet bell pepper (capsicum) to gulf countries. We are in this field from past 6 years and would like to expand our boundaires to european countries by maintaining same qualities. we looking forward to export goods in best quality, as to face competition in world market succesfully.

Canterbury Meat Exporters & Importers Ltd - New Zealand - [Food]
Importer and Exporter of Wagyu Beef produced from Australia and USA. Wagyu Beef is produced from the famous Wagyu cattle of Japan that produces "Kobe Beef" that has marbling, taste, flavour and tenderness that melts in your mouth. EU Accredited and Licensed to Export to the Europe. Primal top cuts or Fullsets available regular supply. Other products are Lamb and Grass and Grain Fed Beef available

Samy Fathy Assasa - Egypt - [Food]
Samy Fathy Assasa is one of biggest rice producer and exporter, we have our own two mills that enable us to meet all custmer enquiries.

Fiorio Colori Spa - Italy - [Food]
Manufacturers/Exporters / Importers Food dyestuffs and Lakes / Industrial Dyestuffs for Textile/Wood/Leather. Established 1904. Importers of Raw Materials / Industrial and Food Dyes

Foreign Trade Linker - Pakistan - [Food]
We are the exporters and growers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. We can provide you best quality of fruits with european standard packing on reasonable rates. We exports huge quantity of fresh fruits like Apples, grapes, Oranges, Mangoes etc and vegetables like Cucumber, Potatoes, Onions, Lady finger and Tomatoes etc yearly all over the world. We also export salt and rice to many countries.Now a days we are doing export of oranges/Kinnow.We have our own farm and processing plant of oranges. We are providing oranges in carton or in wooden packing.If u want to do trust ful and good business with us please contact us.

Health and food portal for people who want to have a healthy life and better protection against cancer, diabetes etc. By sharing knowledge
on natural foods many people will benefit in their daily lifes. 

Imran Qasim Trading Est - Pakistan - [food]
Imran Qasim Trading (IQT) is one of the leading export company of Pakistan. The company is exporting fresh fruits, vegetables and rice all over the world. The major destination is Europe and Middleast. The company has an annual export turnover is about $400,000.

Shandong HuaDa Import/Export Co of China - China - [food]
We are a foodstuff manufacturer which located in shandong Province of China. We specilize in export of foodstuff. we are the leading factory in this industry and can supply the customers with large volume of these products. The products are including Rabbit Meat, Frozen Whole Rabbit, Frozen Skinless And Bone-In Rabbit Hind Leg, Rabbit Hind Legs On Tray, etc. Peanut Products - Groundnut Kernels, Blanched Peanut kernels, Peanut in Shell, Garlic products - 1-4 P Garlic, Garlic flakes, Garlic granules, Peeled garlic,etc. Ginger products - fresh ginger, Dehydrated Ginger, etc. Fruit - Frozen Strawberries, IQF Strawberries, Dehydrated Strawberry Flakes; IQF Peaches and Apricots etc.

Redlex 215 (Pty) Ltd - South Africa - [Beverages]
1. Specialised Drinks, Product Development, Drinks equipment supply, Brand development, Route to market
2. Trade in Fruit Pulp - Mango, Tomato (Haccp Audited, Kosher, Halaal)
3. Trade in Fruit Concentrate - Orange & Pineapple (Haccp Audited, Kosher, Halaal)
4. Africa Trade Development
4. Southern Africa Trade Specialists

Merit Food Products Co., Ltd. [Thailand]
We can provide high quality Virgin Coconut Oil ,low %FFA in 30-litre Jerrican and 200 litre containers. We would prefer to quote FOB Thailand and have a min order of of 1000 litres per month. We can also pack in retail packing i.e jar or bottle and label this product in 8oz(227g),16oz(454g) & 32oz(908g) or in any size and packaging at your request.

Laxmi compugraphics pvt ltd - [India]
At our Paper Bags Division we manufacture premium quality bags with single or 4 col printing, as per customer's requirement. Premium shopping bags can be printed in 4 col on good quality art paper for high visibility. We also manufacture bags made of recycled paper, as our contribution to better world environment. Our Agro Products Divsion exports fresh fruits and vegetables to UK and Middle East.

Sunita Minechem Industries [India]
We are a leading industry manufacturer and exporter of herbal extracts and natural hydro colloids ( Guar Gum Powder). Since 1982, we have had an active presence in the international market and gained the faith of customers in over 30 countries. Our export performance has been recognized by the Government of India because we achieved a high growth in exports. Our products are manufactured with precision at our state-of-the-art production facility at Jodhpur, we can offer a variety of Indian herbal extracts and Guar Gum Powder in bulk at competitive pricing.

Marovina Lda. - Portugal - [Cooking sauces]
we are manufacturers in Portugal of a wide range of natural hot sauces, piri-piri sauces and cooking sauces. High quality, low prices.

Yaguar International Wholesaler - Argentina - [Food]
We specialize in exporting & distributing branded and private labels consumer goods (Dry & fresh food, beverages, house-cleaning product, personal care, cosmetics, sweets, etc). Yaguar works with more than 8.000 references from international companies, (Unilever, Colgate, Clorox, Budweiser, Nestle, P&G, Johnson's, Reckit, Beiersdorf, Kraft,etc.), also Argentine ones developing private labels in more than 30 categories. YAGUAR S.A., supplies supermarkets, department stores wholesalers, importers, department stores, governments, ONG's, hotels and retail in general. Nowadays we are exporting to USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Ireland, England, Malta, Israel, Angola, Uruguay, Chile, India, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, Lebanon and introducing in the Middle East market.

Yorktrade foreign trade - Turkey - [Food]
Yorktrade Foreign Trade is a trading company in Istanbul Turkey. Company has more than 150 contractors and specifically acticated in Food, textile and electronic industry. We can supply any product in this sectors. Our main market is Europe, USA, Asia, and Middle East.

Naso & Gola Srl - Uninominale - Italy - [Food]
Italian gourmet food and gastronomy including, vinegar and oils, meats and cheeses, pasta and sauces, preserves, mushroom, honey and gift baskets. For USA and Canadian market, imported foods such as olive oil, pasta, balsamic vinegar, cheese, jam and rice.

Grandfond International Ltd. - Taiwan - [Food]
Grandfond established on 1978, specialized in canned food export trading. Especially in mushroom, asparagus, carrot, green beans, green peas, fruit cocktail, peaches, pears, orange, solid pack apple, tomato paste, pumpkin.

El Delta Import & Export - Egypt - [food]
We are Egyptian company named (El Delta Import & Export). We are specialized for Plants & Herbs export such as Green marjoram. Silver marjoram. Anise. Basil. Parsley. Calendula. Chamomile. Caraway. Coriander. Cumin. Dill. Fennel. Fenugreek. Soft Hibiscus. Flower hibiscus. Spear Mint. Pepper mint. Lemon grass. Sesame. Contact US if you need other products. We have best goods and cheap price.

Marovina - Portugal - [food]
Portuguese company leader in the segment of natural hot sauces and cooking sauces. No additives. 2 years shelf life. Widder european hot chillies sauces range. High quality, low prices. Produce private label too.

Exotix CO. drinx & snax - Israel - [beverages]
On behalf of our company, Exotix co drinx & snax; Our company HQ is located in Orlando,Florida,USA.We are manufacturer of softdrinks and our products are being bottled on three different plants; Florida,California and in New York. So, for example about " The New Generation if Softdrinks " , Guarana Golly ; The products formula was developed in the US, by a Florida Corporation. The formula is based on seeds of the real GUARANA fruit,from trees of the Rainforests in Brazil, so therefore it's loaded with Natural energy. The softdrink was created in Florida, some years ago,and has slowly been building it's own place on the was the softdrink in question ,chosen by Walt Disney World,to be represented as the beverage of the Millenium celebration and still has contact with Disney.

Our carbonated drink is soft, flavorful and energetic! It should be served cold!It can also be used as a mixer for other beverages, such as whiskey, rum,vodka or your choice of drink. It's available in 12 oz (355 ml) Cans or 2l bottles.You are most welcome to visit our website To sum it up; We have a great product and we are interested in distribution outside USA,as well and we turn to you to be our importer/distributor in Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa.

Narasus Exports - Russian Federation - [beverages]
we take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as narasus exports one of the oldest and reputed coffee companies in india. Established in 1926, we have our own coffee plantations, extensive processing and manufacturing facilities.we are the largest manufacturers of pure roasted & ground coffee in india.

We have now set up a most modern plant for the manufacture of instant coffee, as a 100% export oriented unit. In this state-of-the-art plant we produce spray-dried powder and agglomerarted soluble coffee.

With the vast capacity and the ancillary facilities at our disposal we are in a position to meet instant coffee requirements in any quantity, quality, packing or labeling. With over 75 years of coffee experience behind us, it is a question of our reputation to supply unmatched quality tailored to meet your exacting requirements.

Grapeseed Oil Australia Pty Ltd - Australia - [food]
Grapeseed Oil Australia now has available Cold-Pressed Australian Grapeseed Oil, 100% Australian grapes, 100% Australian produced and 100% Australian owned. "DO YOUR HEART A FAVOUR" is the most important message and trademark of Grapeseed Oil Australia. We only use a cold-pressed (not solvent extracted) method to extract the oil from the seed; it is the healthiest and most preferred method to achieve the highest standard of Grapeseed Oil.The cold-pressed method requires temperatures to be kept low which helps preserve the oil's original state, flavour and vital nutrients found in Grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is highly recognized for its health benefits, it's high in antioxidants, vitamin E and is low in saturated fat (8%).

We are a Biodegradable Food Utensils Manufacturer based in GuangXi, China. We would like to introduce our products made from Natural Resources (Sugarcane Fibre).

Austria - I.Q. Trade [Ice-t drinks]
I.Q. Trade company produces and represents Ice-T drinks in three flavors: Ice-t Peach, Ice-T Cherry and Ice-T Lime. In all phases of the creation tendencies towards the exclusivity and quality are accomplished. It contains the finest quality ingredients. The 0.25 liter dozes are designed in unique and exclusive way.

Engagement Rings - SGB
Online advice and directory for engagement rings in the

Online advice and directory for chocolate.

Daybright foods co., ltd [China]
Day Bright Group Co., Ltd .is a dynamic corporation with head-office in Thailand . Our main product is Arare, which is traditional Japanese Oil-free crackers make of glutinous. Our full set of machines and equipments were imported from Japan ,and the experts with rich experience form Japan stay in our factory as permanently to support our technique of production and control the product’s quality .

Candycard [France]
A personalised piece of chocolate with the coffee is undoubtedly the most delicious form of P.R. There is a catch, however the flavour and the printquality must both be optimum.  CandyCard has discovered a brand new and exclusive process to print chocolate in a 100% professional way.

Wattle Springs [Australia]
Wattle Springs is an Australian Spring Water company that exports its product to the UK and USA. Teamed with YouthAIDS in the US where we donate 10c from every bottle sold to protect and educate kids from HIV AIDS. Available in 12oz, 20oz and 60oz bottles

Hainan Quebec Ocean fishing co [China]
As an integrated Sino-Canadian Joint Venture, HQ owns and operates aquatic products production and processing on the tropical island of Hainan in China. Direct International marketing support from our Canadian offices gives the company the ability to respond quickly and professionally to international client requirements. We provide, the Highest Quality (IZUMI-DAI) sashimi grade Tilapia products (full line).

Stevian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd [Malaysia]
Stevian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd is a European joint venture biotechnology corporation with proprietary biotech IPR in producing its own microbes, enzymes and biotech products on the basis of integrated technology. Our high-yielding technology result in the production of cost-competitive biotech products for the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical and research and analytical industries worldwide.

Paolo Brocchi [Italy]
We are a Italian company builder of special food-machines. We build
machines to produce special thin round-flat bread called "piadina"
for families, restaurants, small comunities, and, big plants for
large production like can be supermarkets supply. "Piadina" is a
natural product similar pizza, but very different.

Larry D Rumbaugh [USA]
I have for export (fairly large quantities of): 1.Paddlefish Caviar, 2.
Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar, 3.Bowfin Caviar, 4.Paddlefish (frozen)
5.Soft Shell Turtles (Live or Dressed), 6.Snapper Turtles (Live or Dressed)
7.Green Coffee Beans (the #1&2 coffee beans in the world as rated
by the SCAA).

Shenzhen wanhaoda industrial co ltd [China]
We are a leading supplier of confectionary and canned food / fruit
in China for years, we have exported worldwide with good quality
and good reputation.

MGS Food Industries Inc. [Turkey]
Rio Santo "tasty selections" was born as the original brand of MGS Food Industries Inc. which was established in 1989 with its plants of a total of 56.000 sqm2 which 19.000 sqm2 is closed.

York Importers and Trading Corp. [USA]
York Importers and Trading Corp. is the US arm of EFS Foreign Trade
Corp., a leading exporter of Honey, Dried fruits and vegetables, spices,
nuts and legumes, oils, textiles, granite and marble and organic products.

Zhejiang Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import/Export Co.,Ltd. [China]
We are one of biggest food exporter in China and specialize in the export of the following products: canned fruit in syrup, canned vegetable, various mushrooms (wild/cultivated), instant noodle and Asian foods.

Mummal trading [UAE]
Importer of branded foodstuff items, toiletries and perfumes. Have extensive contacts throughout Middle East. Can supply few items on unilever and p&g brands. Also few brands in perfumes like carolina, lanvin, van cleef, ysl, oscar, loewe udv.

Sagar Commodities Pvt Ltd [India]
We like to introduce ourselves as a 40 year group specialising in processing and export of Pulses and Natural and Hulled Sesame Seeds. We are owners of India's leading and most modern factory for sesame seeds. We are the only company in India with two automatic lines for sesame - 1 line is of Dry type imported from maseto, spain (

Turkspirit [South Africa]
We are a company dealing export and import facilities on foodstaff between South Africa and other countries. Main subjects: Pasta, olive oil,sun dried tomato, dried apricots, dried figs, raisen,tinned pine apple, nuts,fresh fruits like granny smith apple, avocados, grapes, citrus etc.

Fardoulis Chocolates [Australia]
Manufacturers of quality chocolates. Moulded shapes, foiled hearts and cellophane bunched wrapped seashells in 15 fillings. Flavours include Australian macadamia praline with wild flower fresh honey, hazelnut pralines and liqueur cocktails. Packed in many sizes of stylish gift boxes for the gift retail market.

Harbin Dashi Foods CO., Ltd [China]
Harbin DASHI Foods CO.,LTD is the only one modern enterprise it's main products is "Frozen Dried" foods in North-East china .It is located in Harbin highly-new technology Development district. It can use raw materials than 5500 ton for producing every kind of "Frozen Dried" foods than 500 ton.

China Haitong Food Group [China]
Our company Haitong group was incorporated in 1985 and is one of the leading and largest manufacturer and exporter of frozen vegetables in China. Currently, we have 4 core factories located in Cixi, Zhejiang province in China, all for market worldwide such as JAPAN, USA and Europe.

Sevim SA [Switzerland]
Distributor of self-heating ready meals. Self-heating means not having to use any external sources such as microwaves, ovens etc. You can now enjoy a hot meal anywhere, anytime. You do not have to refrigerate the meal and can store it anywhere you wish.

Consico Trading [Cyprus]
We are International Agents of VCT BV - the Leading Dutch Tobacco Company - manufacturers of the 'TEXAS' family of Tobacco Products, the Leading Brand of Low-priced Cigarettes & RYO in Benelux.

One World Trading S.A.   [Paraguay]
We are a dynamic trading company based in South America specialized in the natural and organic sector.Our main products are pet Products, especially dog food and dog chews, stevia extract with a minimum of 90% Steviosides

Kidco Manufacturers [Pakistan]
We are the manufacturers of Candy & Bubblegum

Dagon Products [Belgium]
Belgian based family owned company / manufacturer and is working with products for human consumption and Petfoods. DAGON Products is Manufacturer, not a Distributor. We produce under private label of our customers and according to their particular needs. DAGON Products produces only Biologic natural products and concentrates for Food and Petfoods.

The Masan Trading Corporation [Vietnam]
The Masan Trading Corporation of today is a dynamic, innovative food manufacturer, exporter and trader. We specialize in producing processed food such as instant noodle (ramen), soya sauce, seasoning sauce, chilli sauce with famous brand name Mivimex, Chin-Su and Rong Viet. Moreover, we are the best exporter of canned fruit including rambutan, lychee, pineapple, etc.

Mivimpex - Vietnam
The Masan Trading Corporation of today is a dynamic, innovative food manufacturer and trader. We specialize in growing sales and profits for our customers by blending the sophistication of our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with the talents of our people. This blend of technology and talent enables Masan Trading Corporation to provide a wide array of food to the ever changing, always demanding consumers of today.

Eurocom Srl [Italy]
Manufacturer and exporter of selected quality canned tomatoes both whole peeled or chopped and canned pulses (red kidney beans ,white kidney beans, white large beans, borlotti beans, black eye beans, bean mix, chick peas, processed green peas, lentils, peas&carrots mix , peas carrots &potatoes mix , baked beans in tomato sauce and chilli beans in chilli sauce.

Compañia Comercial Greco Uruguaya [Uruguay]
Our Company, founded in l936, is now in the trading activity. We need links with greek importers in order to offer products from Uruguay. We trade with: all kind of Meat, Rice, Leather Garments, Natural Wool Products (Sweaters, all kinds of clothes), Handcrafted Objects, Lumber, Wine, Intelligent Lights, Natural Mineral Water, Citrus, etc.

Tuttle & Co - Canada
Tuttle & Co. is an international confectionery company and your only supplier of the hottest new confectionery product, Barkley's Mints. Barkley's uses a proven formula that places it in the category of intense power mints and is available in Peppermint, Cinnamon and Wintergreen.

Key Catering Ltd [Cyprus]
Key Catering Ltd is an Importer / Distributor of a wide variety of quality Food & Beverages mainly from Italy. The company supplies Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias in Cyprus with it’s own distribution team.

Canali TC Ltd [Cyprus]
CANALI TC LTD is a major Importer and Distributor of a variety of branded Food and Non Food Products in Cyprus.

E-net-commerce [Netherlands]
E-net-commerce: Independent marketing agents. The rapidly expanding market for nutritional supplements, weight management, celtherapy, sport-nutrition and anti-aging products, is a booming business. We seek sales / marketing associates in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, India, Canada, and the North American market. Other country's and more information; look at our internetsite.

Sfax Huile [Tunis]
Company is a manufacturer and an exporter of olive oil (extra virgin, virgin, pure, pomace) and vegetable oils such as corn and sunflower. Our firm sells oils in bulk, in cisterns and in conditioned metallic cans or glass bottles in different forms and volumes (0.25 L, 0.5 L, 0.75 L, 1.0 L,3.0 L,U.S gallon,18.0 L).

Aspade International AS [Norway]
Packagers of gourmet quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other fine foods. Our products carry the gourmet label "Casa dei Mezzo". "Casa dei Mezzo" products are chosen for their superior quality, and excellent and delicious taste.They are pure and natural. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won five international awards for excellence and fruity taste. We aim at offering products with the best quality and best value.

Lintas Utama [Indonesia]
We are exporter of Green Coffee Bean and Specis from Indonesia. We are exporting Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee and Cloves. We are looking for potential buyers and importers for our products.

Qingdao Lindarl Industry &Trade Co.,LTD [China]
Producer and exporter of dehydrated vegetables and fruits including garlic, ginger, onion, carrot, peppers, cabbage and more.

Arias Trading USA
Soft drinks, beers, insulin, cell phones, medical equipment

Georgeco Papyrus Coorperation
Grains, sugar, sunflower seeds, Urea, Handicrafts

House of Vegas
Manufacturer of Cigarettes, Cigars, Beer, Bourbon


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