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We are Japanese trading companies. We want to supply a product of the Japanese quality to the world. However, the Japanese product is very expensive. We clear the problem by various methods while maintaining Japanese quality. We sell an agricultural machine of Kubota, a detergent, supplements. The agricultural machine of Kubota is a regular product. In other words it is a product guaranteed by Kubota. The product of Kubota has difficult export, but it is possible for us. We can supply a detergent of the Japanese quality very cheaply. The detergent with the enzyme which we developed is the quality that I can sell in Japan. We develop a supplement. The supplement which we developed originally is the supplement which is effective for male sex function.

Tako Inc.
We are manufacturer of products good for health and environment. Our main products are followings : Pulse Clean (negative ion plate for mobile phone & electric appliances), Healthy food such as dried natto (fermented soy bean), Deodorant powders containing microbe for shoes, bed, domestic animals, etc. We already have distributors in China, Taiwan, Singapore, India and Turkey. We are looking for distributors in other foreign countries.
We're the professional eyewear producer in China.Our main products are kinds of sunglasses, optical frames and reading glasses. Welcome to contact us
Site is about our company MED Romania, which produces UV Air and Surfaces Disinfection Units. Our products can be used in:

Medical Industry: Hospitals, Doctors' Offices;  Alimentary Industry: Food processing plants, Rooms for food packaging;

Pharmaceutical Industry: Laboratories, Clean rooms; Healthcare and Beauty Industry: Beauty salon, SPA;

Public Places: Schools and Kindergarten, Waiting rooms (hospitals, bus stations, airports), Commercial buildings, Residences throughout the world;

  • Health Insurance China
    Health Insurance in China. Abacare Insurance is an International Insurance Agent that helps you find the best Medical Insurance Plan for Individuals, Families or Groups.

    Chengdu kangquan health product Co., Ltd. - China - [health]
    we are a chinese factory in the field natural food supplement, manufacture under GMP conditions, strong in R & D, OEM is available. Exciting Dragon capsule ( sex pill ) is our best selling product, is a herbal supplement for male, developed from mysterious Tibetan formula, extracting potent ingredients from valuable Tibetan herbs, which grow naturally in 4000m above sea level Himalayas mountains. these crude extracts show vasodilatation effect same as Viagra tablets, have ability to enhance the production of ATP through oxidative phosphorylation , but won't cause serious cardiac effect as Viagra tablets, it's completely herbal basis no chemical substance. Dragon capsule able to boost testosterone level too, also have aphrodisiac effect, but it won't develop unwanted erection, the effect comes and goes naturally, just like without ED problem. Dragon capsule works within 30 minutes, strong stimulates last more than 24 hours.

    Chengdu kangquan health product Co., Ltd. - China - [health]
    we supply an amazing all-natural herbal supplement that forces men to have a strong, powerful erection naturally & without potential harmful side effect. It’s developed from mysterious Tibetan formula, extracting potent ingredients from valuable Tibetan herbs, which grows naturally in 4000m above sea level Himalayas mountains. These crude extracts contains a number of natural aphrodisiacs which have been proven for their ability to increase sexual desire, sexual function and sexual stamina. It is recognized as the best all-natural alternative to any known drugs.

    MaxWell USA, LLC - USA - [health]
    MaxWell USA, LLC works in oncology, cardiology and pharmaceuticals.We locate in Washington DC. Our production is in Ukraine. We are looking for API and medical equipment.

    NutraBest Promotion, LLC - USA - [health]
    We here at NutraBest Promotion, LLC delivery high quality, all natural dietary supplements to meet our customers' needs. We also provide OEM private labeling manufacturing for your health supplements that guarantees the following promises 1. High Quality 2. Competitive Pricing 3. Speed and Reliability. We are ready to deliver quality products in the dietary supplement market. We are focused on providing all natural, 100% botanical products to a global market. Our OEM service is unparalleled in terms of quality, pricing, and efficiency. Let us try and save you time and money by making your formulas labeling your products, and delivering your goods.

  • KAB Dental Inc
    offers dental equipment, dental supplies, dental clinics instruments dental chair equipment and dental laboratory equipment to USA, UK, Europe and worldwide.
  • Bee King Canada Trading Company [Canada]
    We are a leading Canadian bee products supplier. We supply the following bee products: Propolis Powder, Propolis Extract, Crude Propolis, Crude Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax, White Beeswax, Royal Jelly Powder, Royal Jelly Fresh, Bee Pollen Powder and Bee Pollen granules.
  • AR-EL Medical Products Ltd. - Turkey - [health]
    We take pleasure introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers all kinds of medical operation tables and chairs. AR-EL Medical Products Ltd. Company was established in 1968.We present the best quality on materials. As a proof of that our Products certificated with CE Mark , ISO 9001:2000 and TSE. Our Products 1) Gynecological Examination Tables 2) Delivery Tables 3) E.N.T Chairs 4) Operation Tables 5) Eyes Operation Tables 6) Hemodialysis and Blood Collection Chairs 7) Veterinary Tables 8) Doctor Stools 9) Hair Salon Chairs. We have many satisfied foreign customers, we exports our products more then 15 countries. For more information you may visit our web site and if you have any questions or commands do not hasitate to contact with us.
  • Vendol Lanka (Pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka - [health]
    We are Sri lanka based producer of HERBAL PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS such as Toothpaste etc. Our GENUINE HERBAL TOOTHPASTE contains 18 herbs mixedin Gingely oil. We offer our toothpaste in: 1. Tubes as well as in 2. Bulk and 3. under private label ( Subject to minimum order quantity )
  • Hot Strands - USA - [Health]
    Hot Strands Hair Extensions represents the Next Generation in Healthy Hair Extensions. Our system is truly cutting edge in the industry. We have developed a patented tape attachment system that will not damage the hair. Just PART, PEEL & STICK – IT’S THAT EASY! In addition, it can be applied and removed in less than an hour, and lasts in the hair for up to 2 months. Hot Strands can be applied for a fraction of the price of the “strand by strand” extensions and are actually healthy for your hair.

    J.B.RUPA & CO PTE LTD - Singapore - [Health]
    JBR is a premium exporter based in Singapore. Our exports divisions include JBR FMCG division handles brand name proucts from major multi nationals. Our product range includes Products of Procter & Gamble. Colgate - Palmolive. Unilever. Kimberly Clark.Johnson & Johnson, Medical supplies & Pharmaceutical products. Brand name medical supplies- Test strips,diabetic strips,meters,wound care, diagnostic and dental equipments, Incontinency products ..Test kits, medical disposables all from international healthcare companies around the world. Mobile Phones - distributors of Sony Ericsson .Motorola and LG .
  • Sensiive Products Ans - Norway - [Health]
    Manufacturer Of New Natural And Environmental Products Aromatic Healthcare Products with very high quality and the best prices in the world! Sensitive Products Ans, seeking Importing Firm, Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers & Buyers, to our aromatic healthcare products: Please visit to view our products. Safety first we manufacture to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We are G. M. P. Certified for cosmetics production, EU (CE), GS of Germany, (Regulations of the European Pharmacopoeia). UL of USA, ( The American Food and Drug Administration (USP XXIV) and the Federal Standard (FS209E), QAS of Australia, CSA of Canada and SA (Label bottles).
  • Hanil Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. - Korea (South) - [health]
    Hanil Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 as a manufacturer of home appliances and health products. Since then, for 20 years, we have been manufacturing end products and semi-finished goods to supply to the big group companies, under the slogan of "Originality, Cooperation and Responsibility". As the modern society requires us to manage busy life, people are apt to have much instant foods and have little time to do exercise. Consequently, we are exposed to such adult diseases as abdominal fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Our Inno Chair was developed to contribute to the health of modern people, under the Quality Management System Certificate KSA 9001 and ISO 9001 in 2003.Inno Chair is a innovative new technology product to make beautybody line by reducing abdominal fat, and to make physical healthby preventing adult diseases.We, Hanil Precision Ind. Co., Ltd., promise that we will be the conscientious company to make the best quality product to satisfy our customers with all our devotion and sincerity.
  • Dr John Allnatural Vitamins [Canada]
    The Greatest Vitamins in the World vitamins has all the highest grade nutrients known to man for every area of the entire body! Nothing like this has ever been created, until now! In developing this amazing vitamin, we considered nutrients needed for the body in the area of whole vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, stress, body fat, anti aging, acne/skin, arthritis/joint pain, blood sugar levels/diabetes, bones, sleep, cancer, heart disease/cholesterol, digestion/indigestion, stroke, immune system, kidney/kidneys, memory, eye sight, energy, depression, men's health, and women's health!
  • Homeopathic Medicines
    We are an Indian GMP certified company with Organic Certification "OMRI" from USA and contract manufacture homeopathic medicines like
    globules, tinctures, ointments, gels, tablets, dilutions. Etc.
  • Emergo Group Medical Device Consultants
    Emergo Group Medical Device Consultants - Specialists in US FDA 510k approvals, FDA GMP implementation, CE Marking, ISO 13485 quality systems and Green Dot management. Offices in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Nassetti Medical Equipment Ltd. Co. - Turkey - [Health]
    NASSETTI is the first company in Turkey addressing the medical market in a professional way. We are a manufacturer and distributor of products used in critical care environment. Wholly owned by Simed Health Care Group B.V. since 2005 and employing over 80 professionals, we concentrate on the designing, manufacturing, installation and after sales service of central medical gas systems, patient bedhead units, ceiling pendant systems, nurse call systems and ambulances as well as distributing surgical tables & lamps, sterilizers and emergency equipment from the companies leading the market.

    Shenzhen Hexin Zondan Medical Equipment Co.,LTD - China - [Health]
    Shenzhen Hexin ZonDan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading medical device designers and manufacturers in China and at the same time is gaining fame in the global market for its world-class products. Since its establishment in 2001, ZonDan has devoted itself to manufacture of various patient monitors,ECG,ultrasound scanner,doppler and fetal monitor. Our technology is quickly catching up with international standards and a significant investment in research is developing a respected name for made in China series patient monitors. Growth in the domestic market is fueling the drive for ZonDan to become world class player in this dynamic market.
  • Physioline Srl - Italy - [medical]
    Physioline Biomedical Technology s.r.l. is an ISO 9001;2000-iso 13845;2003-93/42EEC certified Company that has a significative experience in the odontoiatric field both in design and production of instruments for surgical implantology. Main production is related to Dental Implants in titanium duly certified and related Instruments, surgical kits for local bone extraction (take bone system), bone expanders screws, and kits for the sinus lifting (such as the Sinus Lifting System Kit). More recently we have introduced and registerd a special bone scraper. The Company is based in Varese (north of Italy) at about 45 Km from Milan and 20 Km from Milan Malpensa Airport.
  • Kind Bio-tech (DEP.) Co Ltd - China - [Health]
    Kind Bio- Tech is alway engage in study and develop advantage western medicinal material and herbal extracted powder and gransule. Chinese Herbal Extract is an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is made of single Chinese herbs through extraction and processing by means of modern technology. The herbal extracts come in granule form, therefore also called " Concentrated Single Chinese Herbal Granule.
  • Fifty50 Pharmacy
    Diabetic Supplies like insulin pump, one touch ultra, childrens diabetic suppies including diabetes id bracelets, meter skins, blood glucose monitors and discount diabetes supply from FIFTY 50 Pharmacy your diabetic supplies mail order and online pharmacy.
  • G H Zeal Ltd [UK]
    Manufacturers & suppliers of scientific & healthcare products including thermometers, hydrometers and gas flow meters to worlds leading healthcare, scientific and educational institutions.
  • Dead Sea Skin Care [Health]
    Shop a wide assortment of skin care products from The Dead Sea in Israel.
  • GT9000 Patient Monitor [China]
    manufacturer of multiparameter patient monitors certified to ISO9001 & CE; products include patient monitors, maternal/fetal monitors and central monitoring systems.
  • Italy - Medical Trading S.r.l. [Sterilizers and sealers]
    Manufacturers of medical autoclaves, hot air, quartz balls sterilizers. Italian firm leader in the sector of small sterilizers and sealers. Our units are very requested by dentists, podologists, veterinaries, tattoos and beauty studios for their small size, their practicalness, and their safe, quick and easy use. Our devices have all been fully tested and manufactured in conformity with the EEC laws in force.
  • Venture era-group of companies [Singapore]
    Venture era group,an iso9001 company registered & based in singapore. We specialize in the distribution of our exclusively manufactured brands of
    health & beauty care products internationally for our manufacturers in
    Japan & Taiwan.
    Canadian Pharmacy offering online prescription drugs. Brand name drugs we
    sell include Celebrex, Lipitor, Plavix & Fosamax.
  • Amazing Pills
    Viagra, Cialis and Levitra pills to assist male erection, sexual health and erectile dysfunction. Competitive prices, free and discreet delivery. Offers start from 90.- USD only. Our pills improve your sex life quicly and easily.
  • Way Company Pte Ltd [Singapore]
    We are ISO certified quality haircare and personal care products manufacturer and distributor. Beside our own brands, we are contract manufacturer for private labels, small scale orders are welcome. Premium quality with affordable prices. Enquiries welcome!
  • Trans-Continental Pharma [Pakistan]
    Trans-Continental Pharma was established to import, distribute, and promote
    the quality Electro-medical equipments for the Govt: Simi Govt: and
    Private Health Institutions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Monarch Trading Inc. [India]
    We, M/S MONARCH TRADING INC. an India based leading merchant exporter &
    also authorized distributor of our principal M/S APIDOR ABRASIVES, deal in
    a product - "DentoFlash"- The Dental Grinding/Separating Discs.
  • Hold Cheer Enterprises Co., Ltd.
    We are import, export and co-manufacturer of emergency medical products,
    Cpr jack, resusci anne, cpr ems training manikin, medical teaching aid,
    First aid kits, home health care products, hi-tec gifts led key chains.
  • Asiansell [Thailand]
    We are who is the exporter and supplies Aroma Therapy product from Eastern Side of the world. Each product is carefully blended the finest essential oils in very unique combinations to provide the utmost benefit to customer's needs.
  • [Canada]
    Online pharmacy; Drugs available at a discount from Canadian drug stores. Canadian pharmacies fill your prescription medication
  • Nitech Co., Ltd. [Korea]
    We, "NITECH,” are active and aggressive company in Health & Environment market in Korea. To help people to enjoy their healthier life, we have been concentrated on developing various products which will contribute to global environment saving effort and human health.
  • The Herb Shoppe, an extension of Dugan Enterprises [USA]
    Offering a wide range of scientifically advanced products, not only for weight
    loss, but also for enhancing nutrition and general health; skin and hair care;
    an exciting line of cosmetics; and a collection of products just for children.
    Over 150 exclusively formulated products for all stages of life with an
    emphasis on herbs and other natural ingredients.
  • [UK]
    Finding you Personal Trainers, Fitness Friends, Slimming Buddy's
    and Sports Partners.

  • Uniderm Farmaceutici [Italy]
    Uniderm Farmaceutici is a company which has been working in the pharmaceutical field since 1973 and is leader in Italy in the product for intimate, personal hygiene and skin care, in effect our products are widely used in proctology, dermatology and general hospital use.
  • A.R.C. Surgical cottom mills ltd [India]
    We A.R.C.Surgical Cotton Mills Limited, would like to introduce ourselves as a company engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of Bleached Medical fabric comprising ABORBENT GAUZE, ROLLER BANDAGE, TRIANGULAR BANDAGE, ABSORBENT COTTON WOOL, LENO GAUZE , GAUZE SWABS AND LAPOROTOMY SPONGES and so on.
  • Morinda Inc [USA]
    Our main product is Tahitian Noni Juice. We are a six year old company doing business in some sixty countries. Our company markets unique natural health and beauty products. These products have a history of excellent use for many health benefits.Our products regenerate the cells in your body for excellent health.
  • Contact lenses - discount colored contact lenses [UK] offers colored contact lenses and special effect contacts without a contact lens prescription. Also offers brand name contact lenses such as Acuvue, Focus and Bausch & Lomb at up to 80% discount over retail prices.
  • Thorkatla ehf [Iceland]
    The Icelandic kelp tablets are sertified organic. The tablets are 100 % pure witout any additives, the tablets contribute to the overall health.
  • St.Louis Ltd [Cyprus]
    Our company specializes in the field of Weight Loss and other innovative Health Care Products Beauty Products. Independent laboratories manufacture all of our products with the highest standards using our proprietary unique formulas and specifications. They have been extensively researched, developed, designed and manufactured to the highest quality.
  • Prestige Suppliers Ltd [United Kingdom]
    Manufacturers / Producers / Exporters & Wholesalers of Aromatherapy Products and 100% Pure Essential Oils. For Guaranteed Products and Most Competitive Prices. Visit our Web Site.
  • Ashily Enterprises [India]
    Rhino Power Massage Oil has been developed out of prolonged research . The formulation of this oil has been done by a family involved in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines for over 100 years.This medicine is a combination of all vital herbs required for the general strength and health improvement of the body in man and woman.
  • Salon Collective [UK]
    Salon Collective stock a large range of professional, branded haircare products - shampoos, conditioners, mousses and gels - with secure on-line shopping

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