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Company: Central polymer & engineering supply
Address: No. 10, Tractor Road, Unit: W2-e5b, P. O. Box 46
Zipcode: 627971
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Tel: 65-67902627,62622305;
Fax: 65-62622135
url: http://www.cpes.com.sg

We are manufacturer and trader of rubber and plastic products. We are engaged in the manufacturing, conversion, marketing and distribution of elastomeric and plastic products and materials. We understand that our success is based solely on the growth and prosperity of our customers. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation as a solid partner for our customers. We strive to provide new ways to strengthen these partnerships as we continue to deliver unsurpassed level of customer satisfaction and support. We work with carefully selected, quality-assured manufacturers to develop special products for identified market sectors or to meet the individual requirements and specifications of our customers. From year of 2004, we also develop other products, such as insulation, sealing, fiberglass, hardware, fabrics, etc..We will continue to develop new products according to ever-changing market in the world.

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